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10 impressive waterfalls one can find in Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia (NE-Brazil)

Chapada Diamantina is a 1,520 km² large National Park in the center of the State of Bahia (NE Brazil), and is also refered to as the "Brazilian Grand Canyon" and is also known for it's many waterfalls.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about a tailormade route through a selection of your choice along the most beautiful waterfalls of this National Park.

On the next map you have an overall view of the Park.

Map of Chapada Diamantina parc main attractions

Whilst trekking and hiking we discovered the overwhelming views of this National Park in a very different way. Hereby you find a list of some of the most impressive waterfalls we know in Chapada Diamantina.

Cachoeira da Fumaça

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
We start with the most famous 380m high Cachoeira da Fumaça, the "Smoking Waterfall".
It got it's name because of the water coming back up in fine mist (and thus appearing like "smoke") due to the heavy ascending winds in the afternoon.
This fall is situated near the Valé do Capão and you need about 3hours walking to get there to visit from above.
Those having a trekking through the central valley of the park will have the opportunity to view the falls from below as well.

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides

Cachoeirão falls

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
Next we have the impressive Cachoeirão falls, in near the Valé do Pati.
Visited in the right season you have a multitude of falls which you could contemplate for hours.
The visit of these falls is part of a multi-day trekking in the Pati Valley.

Cachoeira da Fumacinha

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
Needing a considerable amount of your input these impressive Fumaçinha-falls are well worth your efforts.
The falls themselves are about a 100m but whilst hiking to the place you walk through some 280m high canyons who (literally) leave you deeply impressed.

Cachoeira do Herculano

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
Hercules falls, yep the name only says it all.
Three falls with approximatelly a 100m fall.

Samuel falls (Andarrai)

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
These Samuel falls are not very known to the public as they are located in a poorly exploited region. You will need about three hours walking through dense woodlands to reach them.

Ferro Doido (Morro do Chapéu)

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
Situated in Morro do Chapéu (at a completely different location at the borders of the National Park) you will find the 'Maid Iron falls'.
An interesting collection of four diffent falls surrounded by a 100m high canyon.
Also known for local orchids and humming birds

Cachoeira Encantada

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
With a height of 230m the Encantada falls near Itaetê offer you some nice views, as from above as from below. In both cases you will also have a view on about 400m of canyons.
There is possibility for an overnight stay nearby.

Cristais, "Chrystal-falls"

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
The Christal-falls have been named so because of their light-effects and allowing the spectators an interesting christal clear view.
These falls are part of a three hours walk amongst which you will also pass along the Três Barras falls and the Bequinho falls.

Ramalho (Andaraí)

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
One of the main attractions of the city of Andarrai.
Worth visiting with the Poço Fervedor (the "cooking pool")

Buracão (Ibicoara)

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
Localized in the "Parque Natural do Espalhado", one of the most impressive falls in the region with a fall of about 85m tumbling down in an immense canyon.
The only way to get there is with an authorized guide from the local village.

Mixila (Lençóis)

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
With 80m the Mixila-falls are located in an extraordinary cânion with several pools where one can take a well deserved swim.
As the walk is long to get there you would be better of camping at the site and in the meanwhile have a passage at the Cachoeira do Capivari falls and the Poção falls.

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