Discover Bahia with Ivan Bahia private tour-guide / travel agency, for the best experience in Salvador, Chapada Diamantina National Park and Bahia /NE-Brazil - Photography by Ivan Bahia Guide, traveling in Brazil, reisgids in Brazilie,#BahiaMetisse,#FernandoBingre,#SalvadorFoto,#SalvadorBahiaBrazil,SalvadorBahiaTourism,#IvanBahiaGuide,#IvanSalvadorBahia,#SalvadorBahiaTravel,#ToursByLocals The best tour-guide service for travelers, in Salvador, Bahia, Cachoeira, Reconcavo, Nordeste, Brazil, with the lowest price available. Book directly with Ivan Bahia Guide and get the cheapest price. We're happy to work with our collegue Tour Guides, here in Salvador da Bahia, from Le Guide du Routard, Tours by Locals, Free Walking Tours, and Rent a Guide. We would like to thank Fernando Bingre, Marcio, Bahiaflaneur, Nicolas, Bahia Metisse, Dirk Van Kerckhove, André Alves, Frank Faro, Sayuri Cardoso, Clara Manuela Bastos Ramos, Juha Paltila, Jürgen Szillat, Thiago Barra..
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Discover the best of Bahia in Northeast Brazil (Nordeste) with Ivan Bahia !
Visit Salvador (original capital of Brazil since 1549), Colonial Cachoeira, the best hidden paradisiac beaches along Praia do Forte, Imbassai, Coconut-coast, Palm-coast and All Saints Bay.
Go for a trekking in Chapada Diamantina National Park (the 'Brazilian Grand Canyon), and much more in Bahia.

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