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    Chapada Diamantina, view from Mount Pai Inacio.

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    Chapada Diamantina, Vale do Capão.

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    Amazing walks in the National Park.

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    Bahia's location in Brazil.

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Enjoy the amazing nature in Chapada Diamantina National Park whilst walking or trekking.

Chapada Diamantina is a 1,520 km² large national park in the center of the State of Bahia (NE Brazil), and is also refered to as the "Brazilian Grand Canyon".
This park is located about 430 kilometers West from Salvador.

The region became famous during the 19th century for the Diamond exploration since 1844 (which lasted until 1990),
The National Park was finally founded in 1985 by President Sarney.
Today it is considered one of the most beautiful National Parks in Brazil, and often referred to as the “Brazilian Grand Canyon”. Map of Chapada Diamantina parc
The Chapada Diamantina National Park is located almost exactly in the center of the State of Bahia,
Come trekking or hiking with us and you will discover the overwhelming views of this National Park in a very different way.

Chapada Diamantina's charming guides
Adapted to your wishes we bring you - day-tours, hikes and trekkings - to discover loads of amazing natural spots, at your tempo.

For those who already reserved all their hotel-nights in Salvador, or those who have really little time we develloped a NEW and EXCLUSIVE formula : Chapada Diamantina in a flash, a 1 day discovery tour of the National Park.
There is indeed quite some distance involved, but during that mileage you can comfortably sleep in the car and accumulate your energy for walking the hottest spots of the National Park.

Where to go in Chapada ?

On the next map you have an overall view of the Park.

Map of Chapada Diamantina parc main attractions

Lençóis is the ideal base location for your trip, as it is called "the gateway to the National Park" because of its privileged position in relation to most famous sights. The town is extremely small (about 2000 inhabitants), perfect for those looking for an environment different from the confusion of a big city. The Brazilian National Institute of History and Art list it because of its beauty.
The town's name stems from the tents in which miners stayed by the river, which resembled sheets (lençóis in Portuguese).
Here you will find people from all corners of the country and the world (from other planets as well, some say). Friendlyness is the trademark of the town. Hospitable people, talkative, who create a climate that moves you to talk to the first person that appears. All kinds of people live here: foreign nationalized, hippies, Buddhists, and even natives, of course.

Have your driver available 24/7, speaking your language and providing an executive transfer-service throughout the whole of Bahia.

Part of our team is specialized in transportation logistics for tourism, research or business all-over Bahia with a high level of efficiency, knowing to meet with any type of transportation need, in a flexible AND punctual way.

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Ivan Bahia Guide offers day-tours, complete voyages, photography tours, translator service and private transports all-over Bahia.

Our team is available for all your (personalized) travel needs and wishes in Salvador / Bahia.
You may choose for :
- a day-tour;
- a multiple-day-tour / trekking in Chapada Diamantina;
- ALL-IN holiday packages;
- NEW : kite-buggy rental
, bring your kite and we provide you with a (big-foot) buggy for landsailing the aphrodisiac beaches of Bahia

Having regular experience in accompanying (fellow) photographers you can dispose of helpful advice in choosing specific themes/locations, interacting with locals, ceremonies, etc ...

Ivan Bahia Guide, intimate Candomblé ceremonial

All our travellers can also rely on a punctual AIRPORT transfer service.

Generally we take on individuals, couples (possibly with their toddler and/or youngsters) or groups (up to 30 participants) which have our complete and undevided attention.

About us

Dear reader, I am Ivan RT Xanthes, a Belgian expat living in Bahia - Brazil for over a decade now.
Together with some collegues - culminating many decades of expertise in traveling to Chapada Diamantina for hiking and trekking - we put together a small team of professionals answering to the travelling-needs here in Bahia and Chapada Diamantina National Park.
Each active partner of the team has his / her essential credentials (Embratur, Detran, ANTT, Agerba, ...) to guarantee you the best and safest possible travel-experience.

Exclusively for you we developed an exclusive and relaxing way of travelling, to discover the best of Bahia.

Our mission :
- show you the best of the Chapada Diamantina park;
- have you meet & greetof locals in their daily life;
- let you savour local etno-gastronomy.

Our Chapada Diamantina packages ALWAYS INCLUDE ALL transports, accommodations and breakfasts in our atractive prices.
Whilst trekking in the mountains all meals are provided while sleeping bags / tents are available (for free) if necessary.

Why use our services ?

We are efficient and flexible at all times, always keeping your preferences in mind.
Your travel may be adapted to your daily wishes or physical condition, and change whenever you would like it, having at your disposal a guide/driver 24/7, speaking fluenty your language (English, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch or Portugès).

Our trips and packages can be customized to your needs and we will carefully avoid the typical beaten tourist tracks whenever possible.

If you would be renting your own car we always have your personal guide available to take you to the best tracks and trails.

Working on a small scale (without agencies or big tour-operators for whom you might be paying commissions ...) we always make sure OUR PRICES are always have the best QUALITY / PRICE RATIO available on the market.

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Thanks to the hard work of our whole team and the appreciations of all our clients we have built an excellent reputation AND that keeps us thriving and loving the job ... each and every day again!

Tropical greetings from Salvador da Bahia,

Team Ivan Bahia Guide
Travel Consultants for Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil.

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